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Terms of Use
1. I agree and understand that this is not a job-guaranteed program. Hence I shall not hold the company responsible in the event I do not receive a job offer.  
2. I hereby agree to TMI representing my candidature with the companies participating in the STEP In process and any upcoming opportunities for a period of 6 months from the date of submission of this application.  
3. If the candidature is suitable for any other company, the same will be processed only after explicit approval from the candidate.  
4. The candidate's contact information is treated as personal data and will not be shared with any other 3rd party.  
5. The recruiter on behalf of the company is authorized to use the contact information to communicate on the proceedings of his / her recruitment process.  
6. Even though some fields in the contact information are optional, the candidate is encouraged to fill all fields so that the recruiter has a clear idea of your personal preferences so that he can take better care of your needs.  
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