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TMI Network

TMI Network provides Integrated Talent Acquisition and Retention Solutions. We are the only End-to-End HR services provider in India with expertise in Recruitment, Recruitment Advertising / Employer Branding and HR Consulting. We pioneered Recruitment Advertising in India based on the insights that we gained through our interactions with thousands of candidates and hundreds of corporates. We help our clients succeed by translating over 18 years of our indepth knowledge and understanding of the business into customer-centric solutions. TMI Network is a member agency of the Bernard Hodes Global Network, a part of the Omnicom group.

What sets us apart

  • We are customer-centric
  • Our relationships with candidates and clients have sustained itself over the years due to our fairness of approach, mutual trust and process integrity
  • We nurture / build / foster – TRUST
    • Talent
    • Relationships
    • Unique candidate engagement techniques
    • Success Stories
    • Transparent process
  • We build relationships beyond careers

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