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TMI e2E Academy

The TMIe2E is another step by TMI Group, one of India's leading HR Services house, towards taking employment opportunities a step close to the unemployed. The e2E in TMIe2E stands for Education and Employment. Under this model, TMIe2E works as a central agency to bridge the huge divide between demand and supply in manpower for entry level fresher jobs across the country. This is done by providing guaranteed trained work force to employers on one side and job-guaranteed training leading to confirmed jobs on the other side. The training interventions are purely customer driven and the TMIe2E does not undertake generic training as a service line.

The TMIe2E initiative is partly financed by the National Skill Development Council, an autonomous government organization dedicated to increasing employment opportunities among young Indians.

Services offered by TMI e2E:
In line with our mission to connect employment to education, the TMI e2E Academy will undertake steps to bring the employers close to their prospective employees. The proposed service bucket for various stakeholders is as follows:

The TMI e2E Platform will create sustainable pipeline of entry level talent that will be available for direct placements or placements post customized training interventions. The activities will include

  • Hiring from graduate campuses
  • Off campus recruiting support through employment exchanges, NGOs and other likeminded entities
  • Customized training interventions as per employer specifications aimed at skill upgrading as well as induction modules. The cost of such training interventions may at times be shared between the employer as well as the prospective candidate

Job Seekers

  • Direct placement opportunities with employers of good repute
  • Training intervention based placements where the candidate will be given a conditional offer following which he/she will be required to complete employer specific short duration course. For some courses, the candidate will have to bear the cost of training
  • Online resources through TMI e2E Academy.


  • Job Personality Fitment Test for students of registered campuses
  • Access to TMI clients
  • Training interventions on an on-demand basis

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