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In the early twenties choosing a career can be a daunting task. And the realisation that the ‘right’ career makes the difference between being successful or not, seldom dawns. To complicate matters, there is no dearth of people waiting to give unsolicited advice.
Parental ambitions, peer pressure, misguided aspirations and a host of other reasons lead students to take wrong decisions at this critical juncture.
In a career spanning thirty to thirty-five years, the one year that signifies the transition from education to employment is most significant. Students need expert advice on career choices to avoid long-term setbacks.

Your students need to take the ‘first step’ with confidence. They need STEP IN.

Discover by Personality
Specific jobs suitable for certain personality
You must explore your thoughts, feelings
and the behaviors that make you “unique”.
Seek real Professional help for Real Results
Our assessment team adopts Dr. John
Holland’s Theory of career and has adapted
it to the Indian Context.
Our customized psychometric test- Job
Personality Fitment Test- reveals your
personality, and the career suitable to your
Choose a career that Matches Your personality
Qualifications, market trends, peer choices
are overriding criteria, but they only
determine short-term success.
The nature of the work must suit a person’s
temperament, personality, and values to
result in a “personality match”
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